Chapter 6. Emacs Photo Database commands

Table of Contents

Initialize Emacs Photo Database
Scan Films List
Scan Negatives List
Scan Prints List
Add Entries
Create Film
Create Negative
Create Print
Add Item
Add Film
Add Negative
Add Print
Update Entries
Edit Film
Edit Negative
Edit Print
Update Item
Update Film
Update Negative
Update Print
Delete Entries
Delete Cascade Film
Delete Film
Delete Cascade Negative
Delete Negative
Delete Print
Display Entries
Display Film
Display Film from Region
Display Negative
Display Negative from Region
Display Print
Display Print from Region
Find Entries and Associated Entries
List Prints of Film
List Prints of Film from Region
List Prints of Negative
List Prints of Negative from Region
Find Negatives
Show Additional Information
Show Database
Show Version
Show Manual
Show Messages
Show Images
Hide Images

Initialize Emacs Photo Database

This section contains commands to initialize the package and to synchronize completion lists with the database contents.



Initializes the completion lists. This command should be called at the beginning of each Emacs Photo Database session, and whenever tab completion needs to be synchronized with the altered database contents.

Scan Films List


Initializes the films completion list.

Scan Negatives List


Initializes the negatives completion list.

Scan Prints List


Initializes the prints completion list.