Chapter 5. Images

Emacs Photo Database can store scans of films, negatives, and prints. More precisely, it stores the URLs of image files on your hard drive. These URLs are either fully qualified (e.g. "file:///usr/home/me/photo/lf/20080213-01.jpg"), or they are entered as partial paths relative to a common image root. To this end, set the image root path in your .emacs like this:

(setq photo-image-root "file:///usr/home/me/photo/")

Using the same example as above, you'd use "lf/20080213-01.jpg" in a dataset. Emacs Photo Database concatenates the image root and the partial path to provide the fully qualified URL. Obviously, it is easier this way to move the scans to a different directory without having to update every single entry in the database.

Emacs Photo Database displays the fully qualified URLs as text in your query results. If you want to display the scan inline, use the command Show Images. If you prefer to display the scan in a web browser, move point into the URL and run M-xbrowse-url or a related command.