Chapter 1. Installation

Table of Contents

Installing the Emacs Lisp files
Setting up Emacs Photo Database
Create the Database
Modify your .emacs
Invoking Emacs Photo Database

Installing ephotodb is not much different from installing other Emacs extensions. It is assumed that you have a basic understanding of the Emacs configuration and directory layout. For further information about this topic, please consult the GNU Emacs manual.


First of all you need GNU Emacs itself. Emacs is available prepackaged for most contemporary operating systems, or it can be obtained as a source tarball from the GNU site. You also need a working installation of a SQL database. SQLite is recommended due to its small footprint and ease of operation. However, if you already run some other database engine like MySQL, it is simple enough to adapt Emacs Photo Database accordingly.


If your database client insists on interactively asking for a password, the engine is not suitable for use with Emacs Photo Database.