Installing the Emacs Lisp files

The most convenient way to install the files on your system is to use the autotools-based installation. To this end, run the following commands in the directory which contains the Emacs Photo Database sources:

	root# ./configure
	root# make
	root# make install

The Lisp files proper will be installed into an appropriate site-lisp directory. The HTML and PDF versions of the documentation will be installed in your documentation directory, usually /usr/share/doc/ephotodb or /usr/local/share/doc/ephotodb. An info version of the manual is also installed. You can view it from the command line using info ephotodb or from within Emacs with the M-xphoto-show-manual command.

If you run more than one Emacs version, or if you want to test-drive refdb-mode without installing it system-wide, you can pass an alternative site-lisp directory to configure with the --with-lispdir option. Make sure that this directory is in your load path, e.g. by adding the following line to your .emacs:

      (add-to-list 'load-path "c:/path/to/elisp/")