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The following screenshots provide some insight into the way Emacs Photo Database works.

Add Entries

Emacs Photo database provides simple text forms to enter your data. Shown here are the film and negative entry forms.

screenshot of film and negative forms

Select Entries

Tab completion is available to select entries for displaying, editing, or deleting.

screenshot of selecting a print

Display Entries

If you display the data of a print or of a negative, Emacs Photo Database will also show the associated negative and film, or film data, respectively.

screenshot of displaying print data

Display Images

You can display scans of your films, negatives, or prints inline. Alternatively you can use a web browser to display them externally.

screenshot of displaying print data with inline image

Find Prints of Films or of Negatives

Emacs Photo Database provides commands to list prints which were made from a particular negative, or from any negative of a film. You can conveniently use the print names in the list to display the associated information.

screenshot of displaying prints of a negative

Edit Entries

Existing entries can be edited using text forms similar to those used for adding the data.

screenshot of editing print data

(C) Markus Hoenicka 2008